Understanding the Odds of Winning in Keno

If you want to understand the odds in keno you should first understand how the game is played. Keno is just much like lottery games you might have played. You have 80 numbers to choose from in a keno ticket and accordingly there'll be 80 balls containing the winning numbers that will be drawn. From these 80 options, only 20 will be drawn to pick out winning numbers.

The object of the game, as you might have guessed is to match more winning numbers on your keno ticket to win more in the current draw. The odds of the game will vary slightly depending on how you play your keno ticket. As a precaution, if you look at the odds in keno don't be surprised to see very high numbers against you.

As stated earlier, the odds in keno will slightly vary depending on how you play your ticket. That simply means different bets in this game will have different odds, though the change will be minimal. When asking which bet is the best in keno, you should first check the casino brochure. There is no straightforward answer since the best bet in keno will be different from casino to casino. One of the factors that can affect this is the bonus on different bets on the pay schedule.

It is admittedly true that the odds in keno can become astronomical. Though that may be the case, there are still a lot of people who play keno. One thought about getting better odds in keno is that players should play as much numbers but at the cheapest amount as possible. The only drawback to this keno betting strategy is that you risk more since you need to hit more numbers as possible to make the most out of this.

Now, if you're aiming for the top prize you should take a look at your odds below and see the effect of choosing more numbers:

One selected number will have odds at three to one. Two selected numbers will have odds at 15.63 to one. Three selected numbers will have odds at 71.07 to one. Four selected numbers will have odds at 325 to one. Five selected numbers will have odds at 1549 to one.

And the odds turn for the worse when you finally try to hit all ten numbers on a keno ticket, which is at an astronomical 8,911,702 to one. Factoring in all the slight changes you get when making your keno bets, a general truth is that the odds in this game are pretty much the same no matter how many spots you play. An alternative strategy in keno is to work on winning bonuses in keno rather than putting all your hope on making it big instantly. Make your bets wisely and you can still make the most out of your keno session.